You know the commercial... I'm not only the founder, I'm a member. Well here's my story. I'm 42. Worked construction most of my adult life. Made a transition into a new career that didn't burn as many calories and didn't really change my eating habits.

Hello ManBoobs.

It wasn't so bad at 1st because I had pretty broad shoulders and still some muscle structure that evened things out.
Loose shirt, t-shirt underneath. Ready to go.

But here's the problem. MB's tend to grow. They start out slow, you deny, and then that crease starts working its way around under your armpits. Then around to the back side. I know, it's funny, sad, and weird all at the same time.


So, what do I do about this...yeah, yeah, eat right, diet, exercise blah, blah blah. In my humble opinion if you look at your health as needing a diet or exercise prescription, you will eventually be taking pills. pills lead to death. I don't care what they tell you. It's true.

Lift weights? BORING. Then you end up with a bunch of muscles that are in my opinion useless. Plus hefting all of those 2x4, 2x6, 2x12's and sheets of plywood and particle board took their toll on my shoulders. I did start using some weight machines, but after about two weeks it was a no-go. Personally, I don't think they are very healthy and only build muscle for limited ranges of motion and extension.
Plus. I felt all I was doing was making my pecks bigger which was making my mb's even bigger. More muscle under a layer of fat. Hmm.

So, I started reflecting on when I had, in my opinion the ideal physique and fitness. I remember when I was about 15, my parents, with some great sacrifice purchased a weight lifting set for me at X-mas. You may know the type. A Bench, leg lift, and stand with about 300 lbs of shot filled plastic weights,couple of dumbells. Mine were maroon and grey. I worked out every night 'til I was so exhausted I could not even open the door. I had a routine of 1,2,3,repititions up to 10 and then back down to 1. I was 16, 130 lbs and bench pressing 225. The problem was. These kinds of muscles were USELESS. I remember deciding not to lift weights anymore after I went out to play some slow-pitch softball and struck out 3 times in a row! I had absolutely no hand eye coordination.
For me, weights and weight machines, are out.

So I think for me, I was at my ideal fitness when I was 18-19 and participating in college gymnastics classes. Lot's of fun, and wow, did that ever give you a great upper body workout. I think it's the combination of timing, flexibility and strength that makes this type of exercise ideal for me. I could go play basketball, football, racquetball and pingpong. I really feel that my athleticism was ideal during this time period.

I would absolutely love to have a full gym at my disposal. Parallel bars, floor mats, pommel horse, rings etc. But this is not really feasible. Sure I could probably find a gymnastics class for adults, or help start one but I honestly don't need another project, and don't want to do the whole thing. I just want to start getting my old body back. Not my old body, my young body. So I'm finding healthy things I really enjoy doing, and just, simply am trying to do more of them. Simple.

One thing I really enjoyed was the upper body fitness that gymnastics gives. My hands down favorite were the rings. I felt, well, pretty indestructible. Power-ups. Pseudo-Iron Cross (I got pretty close), hand stands etc. Now we're talking.

What are my options? I get online and see full gear gymnastic ring setups going from $400-$1500.00. Yikes, and who has a 30' tall ceiling? I did find an exercise set of rings with some tube strapping online for around $100 with shipping. They look like a great product.
More than I wanted to spend though.

So I put together a much cheaper alternative(manboobeliminators) and they work fantastic.

So there is my confession, and some background info on the genesis of ManBoobEliminators™. :)

My final thoughts are yes, this site is meant to be a lighthearted attempt at humor. You know the kind, where it hurts so bad you have to laugh. The serious side of this is that if you are developing, or have manboobs then there is a good chance that you are also developing or have diabetes, heart disease, and a myriad of other issues.

Please understand that I am in the same boat. If you only knew.... I've lost both parents to heart disease. It is rampant in my family.

I hope you feel comfortable discussing this and other mens health issues on our forum. Thank you in advance for keeping our forum rated G to PG-13.

Many encouragements,

MBE founder/member


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